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Haikus with Dani: Miscellany

#DailyDrawingWithDani hasn’t been going as well as I would have hoped. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it, because the whole point of it is to help me stay creative and keep busy. Lately, words have just been coming more easily than pictures.

There’s not really a recurring theme with these haikus. They’re just snippets into my brain the past couple of months.


i’m never okay
and i’m afraid that, one day,
it’ll get to you.

you may mean well, but
i’ve believed “never” before
and it didn’t last.

there’s just so much. how
can i trust you with it all
… or else burden you?

i’m not sure that i
can bear the brunt of even
one more rejection

and it seems better
to cut it off now than to
break our hearts later.

heart, broken

This isn’t the full poem, because I want to retain a bit of privacy for myself and the person I’m writing to here. But it’s been a big part of my life, so I feel it important to share.

i don’t understand
just what kind of person can

like their actions are
in a vacuum, void of all
impact on others.

yet, here i remain:
though i’m not in love with you,
i do still love you.

it’s just … now i’m stuck
reliving these memories
and looking for truth.

you’ve poisoned every
sweet moment with you, and you’ve
left my heart, broken.


i am Me, and you
are You — and, when together
then we can be We.


inside my head is
dark and cavernous. i get
far too lost in here.


i am a cave where
a dragon lies coiled, trembling,
awaiting demise.

am i in danger?
i know this is true, and yet …
am -i- the danger?

you see, i breathe fire —
once loosed, unpredictable —
so i hold my breath.

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